Download Training

Does TroopTrack have the ability to download the training for registered adults in Boy Scouts?

YPT (Y01), Scoutmaster Leader specific (S24), IOLS (S11), Safety Afloat (SA), Safe Swim Defense (SSD), Troop Committee Challenge (WS10), This is Scouting (WA01), Climb On Safely (WS74), Trek Safely (WS76), Weather Hazards (WS81), and others?

I’m not entirely sure what you mean. You may add trainings to scout/leader profiles under the trainings tab and upload the certificate to that record.

When we do a TurboNet sync - does TroopTrack have the ability to download the training from BSA? Like when we did our first import of Scouts and awards from BSA.

If training were downloadable - it would go a long way in keeping our records updated.

Especially Youth Protection Traininig. The other key training courses for different types of events is a definite want.

Thank You,

Matthew Podraza

Right now, TroopTrack only imports YPT records from Scoutnet.

Then I’ll request an enhancement request to request that TroopTrack requests to download the other training.

Not like you don’t have a backlog of feature requests already. [:blush:]

Thank You,

Matthew Podraza