Uploading training records

How come when we upload rosters from the BSA using TurboNet, we don’t get the full list of training courses the person has done. I only see YPT records in TT.

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Right now, YPT is all we import.

yes, I can see that. But WHY?

Dave says it’s because there are some differences between how the BSA and TroopTrack handle trainings and we haven’t figured out a good way to match them up yet for imports.

Hi @mlsully2002,

Any update on this? I was just asked by a parent if training records could be imported .



We aren’t actively working on this one at the moment. It’s pretty tricky and we’ve got some bigger features we’ve been promising to get out that we have to finish.

If you need to add a lot of training records, use Manage > Record Bulk Training for now.

Thank you.

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