Exporting Data for Import into Troopmaster

Hi, folks. Our Cub Scout Pack has been using TroopTrack, and at this time of year, we need to graduate some Webelos to the local Boy Scout Troop, which uses Troopmaster. Is there a way to export this data to be imported into Troopmaster or is there a way you recommend that this be accomplished? Could it be imported into Turbonet and then brought into Troopmaster that way?


Hi @PamelaCaird,

Probably uploading to scoutnet via our TuboNET feature is the most seamless way to accomplish this. I’m not sure what Troopmaster’s capabilities are with including cub scout achievements in boy scout profiles, though. You can also just use the reports features we have to gather information about the scouts. Another option is to use the “Email Report” feature to send detailed reports to parents so they have it.

Any of those should get you what you need.

Thank you.