DUPLICATE: RSVP List Duplicates

All of our most recently-added members are showing up multiple times in the event RSVP list. There are currently ~ 25 names showing up multiple times. Please help

This has been reported recently. I posted a way to fix it temporarily until @dave is able to get it fixed permanently in two of the linked topics below.

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Hi @MauraCaddell,

This is an issue with the old way of inviting people, however; there is currently a new way of inviting people. It’s called dynamic meeting invitations. To enable this feature simply click the gear icon< Edit Troop Settings< TroopTrack Settings.
This will bring you to a list of settings you can enable. Simply click the “use dynamic meeting invitations” to turn it blue, and you’ll be all set up.

This will remove how duplicates of multiple people are added to one event.

Sorry for the long wait time, and response on this.

David Keener

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Thank you for this! I have been struggling the last few years because of this problem of new people not being added into existing events. I went to not inviting anyone until the last minute causing other problems with communicating in a timely fashion. This will make my job so much easier!!