Members names listed multiple times for an event

On today’s event for our troop, a number of the members are listed up to 3 times. How is this possible…how do we prevent it?

That has been an issue for a long time. I believe the new Dynamic Meeting Invitations option fixes this issue however it does change some functionality in your events. Search the Community for articles related to Dynamic Meeting Invitations. There are also other articles posted about members showing multiple times in events and I believe there were a couple work arounds found to fix individual events.

Hi @BradleyDownen,

Aaron is correct. You’ll need to enable dynamic meeting invitations to fix that issue. To do so click on the gear icon, “Troop Settings”, then “TroopTrack settings”. Under “general settings” you can enable “dynamic meeting invitations”.

This will only change events you plan from now on and not existing events.


David Keener