Easier Transition from huge Excel spreadsheet to Troop Track

@Spencer, Matt had me contact you on here regarding a new set up to transfer a large amount of data from Excel here to Troop Track. I was wondering if anything had been developed yet? I had read the previous topics regarding importing data but nothing really applied to the amount of data that was on my Excel spreadsheet. Please let me know what needs to be done.

Thank you,


@stjwi0214, I recommend that you take a look at our newer importers. You can import: Users’ contact and household info, users’ activity attendance, achievements, equipment, and library books. If you are importing data into a BSA Troop, you can also import Boy Scout Ranks and Boy Scout Merit Badges.

Each of these importers expects a .csv file containing the information to be imported; the correct format of the .csv file is detailed in the articles linked above. By using the new instant import validator you can instantly check that your .csv file is formatted correctly.