Email Header Image Changed

We had a custom email header image in TroopTrack, but a week or two ago it got changed to one for Pack 350 in Westwood NJ. I was able to reset it to the default image on the TroopTrack Settings page, but I don’t have a copy of our custom image on my computer. It was originally uploaded when we began using TroopTrack in 2016. I thought I could get it from an old TroopTrack email, but even messages I’ve saved from over a year ago have the Pack 350 image so it’s apparently a link rather than an embedded image.

Is there any way to get our old image back?

I am not sure it will be possible but you would need to send an e-mail to to request it. You will need the URL of the image. You are correct though that they are not embedded they are linked to and loaded when viewing the message.

I found we also had the custom image on our TroopTrack Intranet page so I downloaded it from there, and then uploaded it as our email header image so we have it back.

This happened to both our troops – we have separate TroopTrack accounts for our boy’s troop and our girl’s troop – so I figured it was a wide-scale system problem that affected other units.