Share your custom email headers

Share your custom email header images below. I’m interested in seeing some created by other units and getting ideas for updating ours:

Looking forward to seeing the creativity!

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Oh, wow, I didn’t even realize this was a feature! Gonna have to see what I can whip up.

Since they’re mostly photos of minors, I won’t share any actual graphics BUT our troop changes the header image every one to two months. Usually this means a camping trip - picking out something from the photo album - but any opportunity for a group shot works. One of my favorites was the Eagle Scout Oath from an ECoH when past Eagle recipients audience members were invited up on stage to introduce themselves and join in. Obviously if you’ve an image editing program, it’s easier stitching together a bunch of different photos BUT I don’t have that currently, so just use preview to trim to size and add a date/occasion.