Email recipients

How can I send an email to select individuals in Trooptrack where all recipients can see who received the email? I would like to send an email to individuals on TroopTrack so they know who else received it and it was not just sent to them. Is there a way to do this?

I don’t think you can. I usually put a description in my greeting, such as “Hi parents of bridging girls.” It sounds dorky, but clarifies what group of parents the message is intended for.

I will also start the body of the message with something like “You are receiving this message because you have not yet RSVP’d to this event” so that they know why they are getting the message.

We have to do the same thing. Giving a description has helped us some with the confusion. Currently TT only sends everything BCC. If there is a way to send it so everyone can see, that would be great!