Email CC instead of BCC

Hi! Currently our Troop Track is sending emails to a list of members as BCC (Blind carbon copy in which recepients don’t see each other) , which is a problem because adult leaders can’t verify that youth emailing them are copying another adult as a recipient (to fulfill Youth Protection).

How can we change it to just Carbon copy (cc), in which recepients do see each other?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @SandraZabala1,

There’s not a way to change that.

You can ensure adults are getting emails when sent to youth in TroopTrack by clicking on the gear icon, “edit troop settings”, clicking on “TroopTrack settings”, and then enabling the feature of “copy parents on all scout emails”.

With replies you can change how those are handled as well. When sending an email you’re able to choose to have replies go to all original recipients.


David Keener

Thank you! We had seen the reply all recepients but not the automatically cc the parents.

I appreciate your help!