Newbie email management question

We are new to troop track and our situation is dad has email, scout does not. scout is associated with dad’s email address.

scenario: scoutmaster sends email to scout. dad gets email in google email account. scout has no inbox in troop track that I can find, so scout’s only option is to read dad’s email, hit reply, and add people mentioned in email but not copied (troop track sends ‘from’ only one person even if they copy or include others as best I can see).


  1. scout can log into his account, see emails sent and received and hit reply
  2. email that is sent out from TroopTrack has all parties as To: and cc: as built via troop track email builder… so that scout or dad can hit reply all and interact as intended (two deep, etc.).

Any advice?

When sending email, check the box that says “Send Replies to all original recipients”

Although I just noticed this isn’t available when emailing invitees to an event.