Emails failing to send starting today?

Hello All -
This morning’s newsletter did not deliver, but I didn’t think much of it.
Now when emails are sent manually via the ‘communicate’, ‘send email’ option, or for event creation/invitations emails are failing to send.

The message in the recent messages page reads “Delivery Failed”

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Thanks in advance,


Yes, just posted a bug report about it as well, probably right around the same time you did. :slight_smile: Hopefully we can get some help…


Glad to hear it’s not just my site.
Hopefully it’s an easy fix.
Thanks for letting me know and good luck with the Pinewood Derby! :slight_smile: Miss those days!

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Yes, I am as well. I was able to send emails yesterday but not today.

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Same thing happening with me for 2 different units.

Yes, happening to our Troop, as well. Emails failed to send, and now stuck in the status “Message scheduled for re-delivery.” after trying to resend.

We’re also having an email issue - our event invites have been stuck as “queued to send” all day. This has happened in past years due to an overloaded email server, perhaps that is the issue here?

I too can not send emails.

I have reached out to TT staff and they are aware of the issue, and are actively working on a fix.


Thank you, @AaronStorey !

Dave fixed this last night and re-sent all of the messages that had failed.