Emails stay in QM Scheduled

Hello -
Our unit is new to TroopTrack and I’m still trying to figure out messaging.

Our previous system allowed for Unit member to send emails to distribution lists from any email client/webmail. We’re struggling with that, and I thought I would be able to mitigate it by creating mail aliases to send directly from our TroopTrack website, but when we send messages they stay queued.

Is there anything we can do to unblock the queue?
Any suggestions on how to enable receiving emails from say external email addresses directly (addresses of registered members, but via mail providers)?

Thanks in advance!

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Update: a few hours later the queue seems to have cleared and emails sent out.

Not sure what may have caused the delay, but it seems to have worked itself out.


Sometimes if the system is very busy it will fill the queue and it can take some time to get all of the messages out. I will let the dev team know in case there is anything they can do to help make it quicker. Thanks for coming back and letting us know it did send.

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