Emails not sending

Yesterday evening, two parents in the Troop created emails that were to be sent via TroopTrack. They’re both still in QM Scheduled status. Please take a look. Thanks.

@Keener-Trooptrack , @Tyler, I also created a message yesterday that has not sent out yet. Are the ques stuck again?

Hello everyone,

I just asked the tech team and there was no shutdown recently and the queues are running fine.

How were these emails sent? Were they sent to a list? To individual members? Did you send them within TroopTrack or were they sent via a 3rd party email client. I only ask because currently our tech team is working on a known bug that has effected send emails to magic / custom mailing lists from a 3rd party email client (gmail, live, hotmail, etc).

Let me know and we can get to the bottom of this.


@Tyler, I sent a message yesterday from within TT, Communicate, Send an E-mail to the “members” mailing list, I selected it for re-delivery this morning. I also setup a Calendar Event this morning with the same info to all members with an invitation set for today and it shows as of 8:05am PST “Invitations were queued to send on June 25, 2021” This is for my Pack 805 account.

We also have several e-mails from yesterday afternoon that are still listed as “QM Scheduled”. They were sent through TT to individual members selected from the list.

Mary Holmes - AHG Troop 6103

I also have two emails from yesterday that are not sending… both to lists. One I tried to resend and it just says “scheduled to resend” now and after 24 hours it hasn’t sent. One was to multiple lists and the other to two different lists not used for the first email. I have another email that I wanted to get out today.
Judy Gingerich AHG MN0521

@Tyler I am able to send emails now. Thanks for the quick fix!

Thank you @Tyler it looks like they have sent! Thank you for the quick response!

Thank you! Our emails have sent as well now :slight_smile:

Hello All,

Our tech team has re-worked the email queues and all emails should be sent now. Please reach out to if your emails have not been sent out.

Just so you are all aware, there is still an existing issue that is not allowing email messages to be sent when sending to a magic or custom mailing list from your email client. But you should still be able to send to those magic or custom mailing lists within TroopTrack.

Our tech team is continue to figure out the issue.


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I have a member who is not receiving emails sent to her either via sending messages to “all adults”, or when I try to send her a message directly from TT. She has a email address.

She has checked her SPAM and the messages are not going there. Each time, I have received confirmation from TT that the email has been sent / delivered.