Emergency Contacts

Emergency contact name / number as fields…Especially useful if Troop is on a camp out, and an emergency arises, will serve as a quick lookup to facilitate help as needed


And on the app! The scout info is so limited on the app!


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We are currently using the Notes field for this, but specific fields for this info would also allow for a report to be printed with everyone attending an event to take with us. That would be very helpful.

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Cross Post from Mobile site: Emergency Contacts Mobile

Please enter at least two emergency contact fields complete with relationship to the troop member and phone number(s) and then give the troop a way to create a report that will allow for all troop members or only specific units/groups in the troop. Hugely helpful for camping/field trips and the like. We’re using the Notes field for now but the functionality would be wonderful if this could be something that was linked with each household rather than profile if desired so that multiple members from the same family wouldn’t have to have the information entered multiple times…Thanks much!!


I would like to see this also!