Feature Request - Make Event Attendance Sheet with Emergency Contact Info


I’m fairly new to using the TT for our Girl Scout troop. Is there a way to print the list of attendees (those who RSVP’d to an event) along with the emergency contact info for them?

I’m looking for: attendee name (all youth and all adults), emergency contact name and phone number.
Nice to have: event date/time & details.

This is required for our council’s property manager at check-in, and needs to be specific to persons on-site (no extras, so I can’t print the whole troop out every time)



I am pretty familiar with TT and could not come up with a way to get everything you are looking for in a single report. The Attendance Sheet that would give all RSVP’d members for an event does not include emergency contact information and only gives you the option of a PDF to print not CSV. You can do a Participation report and narrow it down to a specific event and those that RSVPd yes and get a CSV but still not emergency contact. You would then have to do a Members report to get Parent info which could be exported to CSV and then do manual work to get just what you wanted. This sounds like a good feature request for Reports or Attendance Sheet.


How do I file a feature request?

Just change this post to an Idea or create a new post in the Idea section.

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Description of the full feature:

a custom report based on the RSVP “going” or “maybe” for an event with a line for each participant including:

Participant name, parent name/phone, medical/allergy info. (for all youth and adults)

Include blank lines for “& Guest” rsvp’s, to be filled out at check-in
Optional grouping by patrol

Ideally, this would print on a single page, with minimal fancy formatting - just a spreadsheet is fine as long as the font is legible. This would be the contact form to carry for any chaperones attending & makes looking up guardians easier for any emergencies. A copy is also handed in to the site manager or on-site ranger for any council property events.

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Hi @Keener-Trooptrack ,

I think this would be a fabulous option. It would help AHG users for creating their Emergency Preparedness Plans with the list of participants and Emergency contacts. Right now we have to manually create that list based on the list of invited participants.

Thanks for considering!