Even more bug fixes

You may have noticed we are deploying lots of bug fixes lately. There are two reasons for this:

  1. Bug fixes got backlogged when we were trying to figure out what was causing the Rails 5 upgrade to fail.
  2. The Rails 5 upgrade introduced some bugs that we didn’t catch in our testing.

I think we are getting caught up on these issues. I’m sorry for the inconvenience these bugs have caused and appreciate your supportiveness throughout.

That said, we just released some more fixes. Here they are:

  • Training book was failing on mobile devices. Fixed.
  • The user achievements API was still having trouble in certain scenarios, and only for BSA troops. Fixed.
  • The API for uploading photos via the mobile app was failing. This may be fixed - we need to confirm it in the live environment.
  • The API for creating new users was failing if you structured your call without a ‘user’ parameter. This no longer results in a crash.

Have a great day!