Ruby on Rails Upgrade Today

Good morning! Happy Friday!

Back in the early fall we attempted a major upgrade of Ruby on Rails, the application framework that we use to build TroopTrack. We are currently on version 4.2, but the latest stable version is now 5.0. That upgrade didn’t go well and we had to back it out. We decided to wait until the super busy season (August - early November) was over before we tried it again.

This morning we are trying it again. We’ve spent a lot of time fixing the problems we saw back in September, and I hope it will go much better this time.

That said… this is a big deal and there is a big possibility we will see some problems throughout the day. We will resolve them as quickly as possible, so please bear with us today.

This upgrade is really important since it is delaying a lot of improvements we want to make to TroopTrack, like this one: The future of magic mailing lists, custom mailing lists, and mailboxes

Have a great day and a better weekend!

~ Dave


Well that explains what I’m seeing this morning…

Good luck all!

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We are currently rebooting all servers. Please bear with us.

Can I recommend using a site offline / under maintenance page when things are being upgraded and unavailable? I was getting a page isn’t working error message which is not user friendly. Luckily I had the support forums open in another tab and was able to find this message.



You’re such a dork. I :heart: you man.


We think that’s a good idea for when we are totally down. The upgrade we are going through is past the “totally down” part - we’re trying to fix problems that only occur under load right now.

Rebooting all servers. Again. At least it’s Friday!

Things are still rough. Working on it.

We’ve rolled back. We’ll do some more testing and try again. :cry:

Ahhhhhhhhh nuts. Sorry to hear it.

Sorry to hear it didn’t go well this time. I don’t know what challenges resulted in a rollback, but If I could do something to help plan or test I’m willing to help. I don’t have rails experience, but I’ve done a bit of QA and related work.

Just a suggestion for next time - will you post somewhere in advance that there might be a disruption to TT service on a specific day? Maybe you did, and I just didn’t see it? Or maybe certain roles/ permissions were informed, and I am not one of them.

(It was unfortunate timing for TT not to be up - our shopper was planning to place our first order with AHG using TT that day, and was unable to log in to do so. She had to fall back on her Excel spreadsheets to place the order in time.)


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Some better change management communication and timing would be nice. Announce to the community ahead of time when you plan to try an upgrade so that we can plan around it. Also, maybe these things can be done at the least busy times? Analyze traffic patterns and attempt during lowest usage times.

Hope you get it figured out.

I’m seeing some weirdness (perhaps in relation to the Ruby upgrade) on my patrol pages. Anyone that has a profile pic has this message instead.

This might be upgrade related, You are not allowed to upload “pdf” files, allowed types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png
I uploaded a pdf yesterday.

What happens if you upload a new avatar? Does it work then?

We have lots of places in TroopTrack you can upload things - where exactly are you trying to upload a pdf?

Share > Pack Documents > Upload a Document

This might be related, When I edit a page on my Pack Web Site and try to add a picture I get the error
"We’re sorry, but something went wrong. We’ve been notified about this issue and we’ll take a look at it shortly."

Share > Home > Manage this page > Edit > Image Button > Browse Server


I uploaded a fresh picture and it displayed as expected.