Event Cancellation Email

It would be nice to have an option to cancel an existing event and have an automatic email (customizable) that would go out announcing the cancellation. For now, all I can see to do is to delete the event.



You can do something similar by going to the event and click “Email Invitees”. Type a message saying the even has been cancelled and any other info (when it rescheduled, etc.), select the distribution options, and send.

I will generally edit the event and put “CANCELLED” in the title afterward. I prefer this approach to deleting so we have a record of when things were scheduled, which helps with annual planning.

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I would also like the ability to mark an event as cancelled and send a notice to the invitees with a single click.


I would also like to be able to have a Event Cancellation option. One that would mark the event as cancelled and show that as a special status. Yes, you can edit the event, but this feature would separate it from all others regarding attendance and participation credits due to the nature of the TL program.


Hi everyone,

This feature has been added to TroopTrack. You can now cancel an event by clicking on the event and clicking “details”. From there you can click on “actions” and “cancel”. This will cancel the event and send an email out to all the users invited to that event letting them know the event was cancelled.

It will also cross out the event on the calendar so it’ll still exist on the calendar, but it’ll show as cancelled.


David Keener