Canceling Events in Calendar

It would be helpful to have an option in the calendar to cancel an event. Right now, you can only delete an event if it doesn’t take place. With the various COVID restrictions impacting meetings and events, if we could go in and cancel an event instead of just deleting it from the calendar, we could retain the information for our records. Plus it could allow us to notify members and participants that an event has been canceled.


I have often thought this would be a great idea and just never posted it to the forum.

Due to this limitation I usually just implement a simple solution to this problem and go back into the event and add CANCELED - Original Event Title to the event, its not as nice as an actual option to Cancel the Event however it does get the information out there and keeps the event on the calendar for future reference.

YES! YES! A thousand times YES! I was just coming in here to ask that question. We definitely need a cancellation button. It’s fine to write CANCELLED in the title, but the event is still on people’s personal calendars. It would be great for it to notify via email and text that an event is cancelled. Especially when it’s at the last minute. PLEASE CREATE A CANCEL BUTTON !!!

Hi everyone,

I see this request is similar to another request previously put in. Event Cancellation Email

If I’m understanding both these requests correctly this feature would do a couple things:

  1. Strike out the event on the calendar after it’s cancelled (and not just delete that event).

  2. Send an email to notify users that an even has been cancelled

Is there anything else to this feature?


David Keener

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I would like this, yes. That way, when the event gets rescheduled, I can just copy/paste all the details into the new date with minor changes. We are incredibly detailed, so having to try to remember everything we listed with links, etc is difficult. This will also help it list as “cancelled” in the girls record instead of “not attended.” To me, those are different and it should be noted that the girl did not attend because the even twas cancelled, not because she didn’t go. so it would need to list only those who have RSVP’d going as cancelled and the rest would get “not attended.” Also, it keeps track of all your events so in planning your next year, you can look back to see all you’ve done and plan again for next year.

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