Event Copy Function

We repeat a lot of events every year (eg. PWD, Rocket Launch, Spring Campout, Fall Campout etc.). The repeat does not have an annual feature. If it did, we would need to be adjust the date (eg. forward a week or back a week to adjust for other events). Copy the event and select a new date would be the straight forward option.


This feature was released a couple weeks ago.

From the Details & RSVP page, you can copy an event.

It will copy everything but attachments.

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THANK YOU! When I searched for “repeat event” (or maybe it was duplicate event?) I only got the thread from last year - which didn’t match my recollection from the recent email update. Regardless, I’ve tried putting my search terms here because this is a very useful function for us! While we do have monthly repeating events, it’s very helpful with these occasional repeating ones to just go duplicate a prior event rather than remember how I set it up the last time round!