Calendar edit function

While setting up some of this year’s events on the calendar, had an idea that could expedite the process somewhat. The “repeat event” function is great, I used it to set our troop meetings through the year. What would help even more is if events could be drag & dropped around the calendar. Ex. - if one of the repeated events lands on a holiday, it would be super easy to just drag it up or down a week. Also a copy/paste or macro type function for events would be great.
-Nate H.
Troopmaster, TLUSA KS-4121


Hi @NateHershberger,

This seems like a really cool idea. Let’s hear what the rest of the community has to say about it.

I can’t comment on the calendar editing proposals, as I haven’t used it that way yet, although the drag & drop feature sounds worth while; but I’d like to add weight to the last part as I was about to add my own new 5th topic for:-
5). Event Copy Function would be a Useful Feature
Whilst there are Event Edit / Delete / Repeat functions, an Event Copy would be a useful feature, as opposed to a “Save As Template” library, in order to utilise common formatting and contents (such as standard objects with embedded links, etc) in new events, and which do not constitute a Repeat Event.


I had even tried to do this only to find it didn’t work. This would be a very helpful feature.

I would be happy with any/all of these features. On our old service the calendar had a copy feature and it made it relatively easy to copy den meetings and pack meetings to new weeks/months with minimal effort. The meeting location, time, and event description are always the same, so copying them made it simple.

Copying events is also great for annual events like summer camp. The list of items to bring and the rules really don’t change, so instead of copying & pasting the text, it’s easier to just copy last year’s camp to this summer, then edit this summer’s event.

Drag & Drop would be awesome!

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