Duplicate Calendar Events

We have similar events that happen annually, but I do not know the date for next year when this year’s is being set. How can I choose an event, duplicate the event, enter a new date, edit it, and save it without having to actually RECREATE the entire event? For instance, we have a Webelos Invitational Camp Out every September, but the weekend is not always the same due to various factors. I want to look at last year’s, duplicate it and revise it with a new date. How do I do that?

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Hi @juliecrouse,

In this situation, for an annual event that may have changed details, it would definitely be better for you to just create a new event when you find out the details for it.

Thanks for asking!

In that case, Google Calendar becomes easier to use. There is no way to duplicate an event other than setting up a recurring event?

If you click on the event on your calendar, then click Details & RSVP, you can press “Repeat Event”. This will take you to our recurring events section. Feel free to use Google Calendar if you want. We just haven’t found a real need to add an annual recurring event feature. Too many details can change in that time and the process to create a new event is not in the least difficult or time consuming. If we have enough people who say they could really use this feature then we will consider it.

Thanks for asking!


I guess I am not communicating clearly enough. Let us take for instance monthly camp outs. The basic structure of the event is the same. Event type, event color, general starting and stopping time, who is invited, etc. It would save me TIME and frustration, when entering our annual calendar to be able to simply create the first camp out event and then duplicate the event, but be able to make the small changes like location, SM coordinating the event, etc, save it, then duplicate it again for the next one. Does that make sense?


Oh, ok. I understand.

For monthly events, we do have a method of recreating it. Plan > Plan an Event, click the Advanced tab and you can decide how often the event repeats and how many times. Monthly is the greatest length of time we offer for this feature, though.

Hope that helps!