Event Integrated Accounting

What is it?

If you have events with fees, then you can set it up so that these fees are charged to the user's account right when they RSVP.

What Do I Need?

You'll need:

  • The correct setting(s) enabled
  • A fee set for the event
  • The user who RSVPs must be the Owner of a money account (including youth)
  • There must be a Troop Money account


We'll talk about the first two parts here; instructions about the latter two can be found here.

First, Make Sure to Enable the Correct Setting

Click the Manage badge, select "Settings" and "Online Payments". If you don't have "Allow members to pay event fees and other payments online" turned on, turn it on now. Then you will have to turn on all other options you want enabled for your account.

Notice the red error box to the right side of the page. This will notify you of any errors with your payment settings. First, we need to set up a default money account. We can easily do this by pressing the "Change" button at the bottom next to "Default Money Account". If you don't already have a Troop Money account, look here for more info on how to create one. In this example, my Troop Money Account is named "Troop Primary Account" - you can name yours whatever you would like.

Next, if we want to enable our users to pay with credit or debit cards, we will have to choose a credit card payment provider and make an account with them.

Once that is set up, you're all ready for the next step!


Set the Fee for an Event

Next, you'll need to make sure your event has an attendance fee entered. Do this by going to the Edit Event page for that event, and in the Advanced tab you will find two fields: "Youth Fees" and "Adult fee." Enter the appropriate fees.

And You're Done! Here are Some Details:

Starting when you activate the setting, when someone who is the owner of a money account RSVPs for an event with a fee, his or her account will be automatically charged, and the money will be transferred to the troop account. Nothing will happen for RSVPs entered before the setting is enabled. This means that enabling the setting will not upset your accounts with loads of new transactions. Nor will transactions made through this feature be removed if this setting is later disabled. If there are multiple troop accounts, then by default the troop account which is alphabetically first will be used--the same thing happens if the person RSVP-ing has multiple accounts; whichever one comes alphabetically first will be used. Also, notice that this only works for those who are Owners of an account--so youth need to be the Owners of an account for this to automatically charge them.

Is it possible to set a fee for guests? The Scout dues cover the registered youth cost of the event but we sometimes charge for Adults and Guests. It would also be great to be able to charge by Patrol as I have a “prospective members” patrol setup for those that are considering joining (or waiting to meet the age requirements).

I would like the ability to partially pay for an event with Money Accounts, and I don’t want to allow negative balances.

If a Scout has $50 in his Money Account and the event is $100, I’d like to give them the option to spend their $50 balance and put $50 on a card. Right now we have to make them Deposit Funds in their Money Account to cover the trip cost, then RSVP and pay with their Money Account.

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