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I’ve tried following the directions on the help pages, but can’t get event fees to show up in an account. Not sure what I’m doing wrong…

Hi @saintvahg,

Event fees won’t show up in an account until they’ve been paid for.

Under Plan > Plan an Event, I created a campout with a $10 fee for adults and a $5 fee for girls. Also, “Pay required to RSVP” needs to be checked.

Under Manage > Settings > Online Payments, make sure “Allow members to pay fees with individual money accounts?” is allowed.

From my Dashboard, I can press RSVP:

Then “Purchase Ticket”

Indicate whether you are going and if you are bringing guests. Choose an account to transfer funds from, then click “Transfer Funds”.

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Nice job Matt!!!

Just to piggyback on Matt’s awesome instructions. Assuming you RSVP’d and paid, look at your money account afterwards, and the event will be listed in the details. See below for an example-

In this case the event was $10. The new balance is reflected in the account.



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Thank you so much Matt and Scott! That was a big help. I think I figured
something that will work for us, just had to have the right options turned
on! :slight_smile:

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