Calendar Event Fees not showing up in Money Accounts

We are planning a camping trip which has an event fee.

I opened the calendar and added this in. On the Advance tab I put in 75.0 in the Youth Fees and Adult Fees. I gave it a Tag of “Event Fee”. I do NOT have the ‘Payment required to rsvp’ box checked.

When people are RSVPing I would expect a $75 fee to show up in their money account but nothing shows up.

After creating the event I realized that under Online Payment Settings that ‘Allow members to pay event fees and other payments online?’ was turned off. So I turned it on. I also then turned on ‘Allow members to pay fees with individual money accounts?’ and ‘Allow members to overdraw their accounts when making payments?’

I went back to the meeting, changed my RSVP to no, and then changed it back to yes but still nothing showed up in the money account.

Did I need to create the event in a different way or do I have a missing setting? I really hope I do not have to look at all of the RSVPs and manually charge each of the money accounts.

Thanks for any help that can be provided.

  • Steve V.

Hi @svansickle,

“Payment required to rsvp” must be checked for it to show up in the money account. This will allow them to actually pay with their money account and show you the balance. If Payment is not required, it will not show up.

Just to recap: Allow members to pay with individual money accounts, allow to overdraw, payment required to rsvp. If you have paypal or stripe set up, they will have the option to pay directly or with their money account.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Thanks! I tried this on a test event and it seems to work.

I do have another question though. Above the ‘Payment required to rsvp’ checkbox there is a ‘Money account’ dropdown. I can select our ‘Pack Account’ or ‘Pack Primary Account’ but also a random user account belonging to one of our parents.

Question: I assume I am supposed to select the account that payments go to?

Question: Why would a random parent user account be listed?

Hi @svansickle,

I took a look. It seems like it’s a duplicate account. If you edit the account and hit the checkbox in it, that will take it off the events list. You may consider deleting it or the duplicate though. There is just a slight spelling difference between the two so I’m not sure which one is correct.

Thanks that worked. It actually not a duplicate account. Its a dad and son with the same name. I just had a misspelling.

But now based on this discussion, in the event, what is the intent of the ‘Money account’ selection field? Is this the money account that gets paid or charged or other?

The account you select is where the money goes to. Some people will create an account for all events, some will create a separate account for each event, or you can just track it in the default account. All up to you. :slight_smile:

Got it. Thanks! I am sure I will have additional questions as I get deeper into this, but so far so good.