Event Invitation and Reminder options

Why have the options for sending invitations and reminders on an event changed??? Now the only option for sending an invite on a newly created event is “Today” and a reminder is “Never”? The Invite options used to go up to 90 days and reminders were for up to the either 14 or 21 days.

If I try to edit an existing event, the “Send Reminder” still gives up to 7 days.

If you change the date first, then those options should automatically populate with all possible options. For example, if I add a new event, it will default to today’s date. If the event is today, my only options for sending invitations are today or not at all. However, once you change the start and end dates to the correct date, then the options in the dropdown menu should change to allow other options. For example, if the event is 40 days away, I should have options for 30 days before, two weeks before, etc.

As a side note, the dates can’t be edited in Internet Explorer. Another browser must be used. We are working on getting this bug fixed.

I am trying to add a new event, which will occur in 8 days, and I cannot get any other options besides Today and Never for “Send invites when”, nor any option besides Never for “Send reminder when”. I have tried several combinations of Start Date, RSVP Deadline, whether RSVPs are needed or not, etc. I’ve also tried both Chrome and Firefox. Please help!

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I’m having the same problem as @NathanBoster2

Hi @NathanBoster2 & @AndrewCrutchfield1,

Currently (Monday, August 12th, 2:45pm MST) there is a known bug with event invites and reminders. The only options for invites and reminders are “today” and “never” and typically you can select how many days before an event these reminders can be sent. This needs to be fixed.

Our development team are aware of the issues and it is all currently being worked on. I will be sure to update you as we get closer to a solution and once there is a more defined timeline for a fix. Thanks for your patience.


Hello everyone,

I would like to update everyone on this thread and let you know that invites and reminders have been fixed and have returned to normal functionality of allowing users to schedule invites and reminders for a future date.

Please reach out if you are experiencing any problems with this. Feel free to contact our support email.