Invites and Reminder Fix

We fixed the issues with sending invites and reminders, and now you can edit when they get sent out even after creating the event! Also, this let us implement a commonly requested feature: you can now re-send invites anytime you want by setting “Send Invites When” to today.


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Happy dancing over here!

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Can’t wait to try it out! Thank you so much!

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I am happy to see this fix. It took me a bit to figure it out, but I understand it now, I think!

I have a quick question. My coordinator was entering couple of events and went to set the “Send Invite” and “Send Reminder” dates. When she is setting up the dates, her only options are Today or Never. Are the dates no longer an option when setting up the event? But we can go in and edit it later and have all the options again. Is that a bug?

@SRUEDU The “X days before” options are still available, but we only show the options that make sense now. For example, if an event is happening on the day after tomorrow, we’ll show the “1 Day before” option, but not the “2 days before” or greater options, since 2 days before is the “Today” option.

That’s how it’s supposed to work, anyway. Let us know if it misbehaves. :slight_smile:

Nope, we don’t have that option. When we set it up with a date a month in advance, we only have Today or Never as options. We don’t get the options until after we set up the event and then go back in and edit it. We’re just the problem child. :wink:

Well shucks… I’ll look into that. Thanks for the heads-up!

Thanks!! :smile: Nothing is ever simple with us. :smirk:

This is a great option however there is a caviat in its usage. If you are needing to make changes to and event and want to send a new invitation including those changes then make sure you moidfy the event save the changes then go back in and update the invite or reminder to send out. I would have thought it would have applied the new invitation after you submit changes to an event but I have had two times now where I have made changes and then set the invitation to send out today but it sends before I submit the change to the event. Then I have to go in and do it again so they get the updated information. If it could be changed to where it doesn’t apply the resend of the invitation until after you click Update Event that would be better but if not at lease be aware of the functioallity to work around it.

Hey @SRUEDU, I haven’t been able to recreate your problem. :confused:

When I go to Plan > Plan an Event the event defaults to today (November 17, 2017), so the only options I have for sending invites are Today and Never:

However, if I change the event’s Start At and End At dates to a week from today I get more options:

I tried this in Chrome, IE (on Windows 10), Edge (on Windows 10), Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

Are you doing something that I’m not? I’d really like to get rid of this bug.

@AaronStorey you’re right, we hadn’t thought of that caveat. I’ve made some more changes that will remove that caveat, so that you can edit the description and send the new invitation at the same time. The changes will probably go live this week, but there’s a chance they’ll have to wait till after Thanksgiving.

You must be the TT Whisperer b/c now it works perfectly for me. I’m just gonna go with it and be thankful you whispered the right magic words! :wink:

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I have an issue where I cannot edit invite reminders. When I edit the event, there is a button to update event reminders, but when I click the button, nothing happens. Any thoughts on this issue? Is it working for everyone else? I tried it in Edge and Chrome. Same behavior.

I have the same problem with the button. I get a green bar across the top of the page, but nothing changes - no new screen, edit box, drop down menu, nothing.

I don’t know when this started. This is the first time I’ve attempted to manually send/update a reminder in a good while.

I am seeing the same thing this morning, I am assuming they are having some kind of issue.

We’re looking into this right now.

We believe we’ve fixed the problem. You should be able to edit the “Send Invitations/Reminder When” values.

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