Event Payments Allowing Transaction Category to be Chosen

To easier manage events, I have been creating new transaction categories (“tags”) for each one - makes reporting much easier! But, I have noticed that when we are in “view payments” within an event (to which there is a fee), we do not have the option to choose a transaction category. We can choose the account to be charged, but not the ability to choose the transaction category.

Once the charge is created, I can then go into to each individual account and edit the transaction, but that’s a lot of steps for a troop that is 40 boys strong!

I would like to see transaction category as an available drop down option within the payment window.

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Hi @whirsch,

I may be misunderstanding, but you can set a category or multiple categories/tags when you create the event under the “Advanced” tab.


Hahaha! You understood perfectly!! I didn’t realize that was there - geez!! Thank you for the very quick reply!