Category Not Moving to Money Account

As the Administrator, when I add someone to an event via “add attendee” then add hit “charge fee” the category that is attached to this event is not moving over to their money account. If someone RSVPs for themselves the category does hit their money account.

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Hi! Looks like my earlier post has gone unnoticed - boo!!

I’d like to see if anyone has acknowledged this bug. When you add an attendee to an event through the event, the category tag does not move over to their money account. When it comes to reconciling if people paid for a particular event or not, this can be a problem when we try to run reports.

Does anyone else think this is a problem? I find it quite a hassle! It feels like if we’ve created an event and the category tag is on that event, that category should move to the money account under all circumstances. If the member RSVP’s themselves, it hits their money account, but if I RSVP for them on the event, the category doesn’t move to their money account. I then have to go to that transaction in their account and edit it.


Bumping this back up to the top. I just had some people RSVP for an event, and for some reason, they didn’t create the money transaction to charge their account, so I had to do it from the “view payments” page. And once again, if I do it there as the administrator, the category we had flagged for the event did not follow the money transaction. All others that properly RSVP’d and had a money transaction created to their money account, the category followed.

This is extremely inconvenient to have to go in to each money transaction family by family and edit the transaction to add the category. PLEASE look into this bug.

Thank you

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@Tyler, this is from a member of my Units and wondering if this is something on the todo, bugs or whatever list, and or if this has been looked at for the upcoming TT4 release? I found another older post about the same thing as well. It must not be a huge issue for others as no one else has added comment or likes, in a perfect world this wouldn’t even be necessary if people are doing their RSVP and Money Account payments themselves but unfortunately we have many that don’t end up doing that, to keep things tracked we end up going in and updating the system ourselves so this is frustrating.

@AaronStorey I have just added this to the todo list. I think this is an existing bug that has been around for a while. But I have added it to the TT4 todo list to fix for the release. I hope our dev team can get it to it with all the other TT4 tasks. I will keep you updated. Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention!