Events & Money Book Transaction Descriptions

When creating an Event that has a cost associated with it, can we have a field that allows us to choose the description wording when a transaction is created within Money Book (typically from an individuals account to the primary account used by the Troop/Pack/etc.).

We use specific text in our Money Book transactions to do reporting and not being able to control this text would force us to turn off this powerful and extremely beneficial feature for our Troop. Inversely it would be extremely time consuming to go and edit all those descriptions after the fact.

I would also ask that if there is anything that auto inserts Money Book transactions have the option to control that text.


Hi @WPera,

This is an interesting request. Most Troops/Packs will just create a special tag or even a specific account if they want to get that detailed. This seems suitable to the majority of users and would be a major undertaking to develop.

Let’s hear more from the community on this one. If a lot of people want this, then we will consider it.

Thank you for the suggestion!


I do like the idea. Today, we create a new account for each outing. Our plan is to 0 out all the accounts at the end of the year.

Another idea- create a fund called Camping. All outings pay to that account. You can download the account into Excel and filter on the Payee field to see the various outings.

Before turning on the online payment option, I tested it, and played around with it, how to do transfers, refunds, bulk transactions, credit card etc. I was much more comfortable with the feature after a few weeks of playing around. When I was done testing, I just deleted those accounts and transactions. After all, I was playing with fake money :):):slight_smile:

Good luck,