Event Money Accounts Being Created

We are finding that when we create or edit an event it is creating Event: Money Accounts with that event name. Is there a way to turn this off? It seems to be random. Not all of our events get one of these accounts. But I’m noticing if we edit a current event, the Money Account appears. I keep deleting them and they keep coming back.

I found this on the forum: Previous Post and I’m wondering if it’s related.


**Edited to add that each time we edit an event, it creates a new money account. It’s constantly creating new Event Money Accounts.

Do you have the Default account setup?

When you create the event does it list the default account under Advanced Money account or is it Create new money account? I did recently notice a bunch of Event specific money accounts and thought it odd and deleted them. I just tested in both of my Units and the correct default account is set and no new account was created when I added an event. Perhaps there was or is an intermittent issue.

Nope. We don’t use the online Payment settings, as we don’t have families pay through TT at all. This is a relatively new thing though. B/c some of these events were set up a while back and there was no Event Money Account associated with them. Then a couple of weeks ago, we went back in and edited the events and that is when the Money Accounts popped up. It’s what makes me think it’s a bug. Because even now, not every one we edit gets an account created.

You are right then does seem like a bug. I would send an e-mail to support@trooptrack.com. They are short staffed and it is their busiest time of year but with Online Payments turned off there should be no money accounts coming into affect for any events. Just as a side note have you ever considered using TT to track Money? There is no requirement to have it tied to any actual payment processing source it can be used as a ledger of Credits and Debits for each person or family.

We do use it like that. For each family we enter what they need to pay and then record payments. It allows the family to see what they owe. It’s super helpful at the beginning of the year when we set up program fees. But everything else, the balancing of the checkbook, categorizing is all done by our Treasurers in Excel.

It’s taken us a couple of years to get our troop more digital. We have to take baby steps. :joy:

I’ll definitely email support, but in the meantime, I’ll just delete, delete, delete those extra accounts. :upside_down_face:

I wonder if you turn on that setting and then set a Default Event Money account, different from the Default Money account then turn the setting off again if it will take care of it.

The online payment option is nice though so when you have an event with fees the individuals can “pay” for the event and it automatically creates a debit in their TT Money account.

Tried turning it on and then off again, but not setting/changing the Default Money Account. It didn’t seem to make a difference?

My Treasurer last year, didn’t even want to mess with trying to use that to debit their accounts and then syncing it up with our checkbook. A couple of years ago we tried it with a Venmo account and it was a hot mess. No one has been brave enough to deal with it since. To be fair though, we’re a “one and done” type troop. We set our program fees, offer a fundraiser to off set the fees, then anything remaining, they pay for at the beginning of the year. It’s rare a parent has to bring $$ more than once a year. Or that we offer something that costs in addition to what their program fees were. So the headache to figure it all out, just hasn’t been worth it for us.

I would try turning it on and setting a default then turn it off.

That makes sense. We have monthly outings that each cost and different people go each month so it is much easier to have them RSVP and pay in TT then they know how much they owe. I can see where in your case it would be more trouble than its worth.