Event accounts being created in Money accounts

For some reason event accounts have been created in money accounts and not sure why this is happening as we do not track money on events. can i delete the account and how do i set it up to not create an event account in money?
When we schedule recurring meetings or events it automatically creates an event money account for each meeting / event, we do not want this to happen any more, if we turn off the allow troop tracks to track your troop finances will this stop it an still let us keep our regular accounts for the scouts or will that stop that also?

Hi @CraigPatterson1,

I just checked with our tech team and they said that there was an issue with the event schedules creating money accounts but that it was fixed back in mid April. Do you know when your troop created that meeting schedule? Recently? Or a month or so ago?

Also, feel free to delete those money accounts. It won’t disrupt anything. They are just null money accounts. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Let me know,

I created the events yesterday.

I would also love to see a date search in the Merit Badge book for the purpose of calculating merit badges done in a certian time frame for reporting to host church on Scout sunday.

Thank you

Craig Patterson