Fees/RSVP and Achievements

Is there a way to have a fee require to RSVP(a deposit) and then have the additional fee for the event?

We are having issues with achievements not showing completed after all of the requirements are shown as completed. Sometimes, we have to go in and hit edit then save several times before it will show correctly.

These should be two separate tickets because they vary widely in topic.

The first question: You can set the event fee to the deposit amount and charge the rest of the fee to their account manually, but this currently isn’t a built in feature to just set one part a deposit and another for the full fee.

For your second question, I hit the recalculate button for your troop and you should be good to go now.

Sorry. I will remember to separate in the future. Relating to the first question, is there a way to copy an event? I want to set up a duplicate event on the same day with the same deals. 1 event would allow the deposit with the other requiring the full fee to RSVP.


Unfortunately there is not way way to copy events. You can go to the advanced tab and create a recurring event, but it won’t be on the same day.