FIXED: About Troop “?” Pop-up and Settings Page

On the About Troop “?” Icon next to the troop number in the header, the pop-up doesn’t directly correlate with the fields entered on the About Troop Settings page. On the settings page, it requests entry of header lines 1, 2, and 3. However, line 3 renders under the slogan heading on the pop-up and the troop description entered on the settings page is placed under that line 3. So it appears the description is also part of the slogan.

On the settings page, there is no field for slogan specifically.

Slogan is “Third line …”, then Description shows up below that.

There’s not much separation between third line/slogan and description and/or no header for description so it looks like description is another line of the slogan.

The settings page does not reflect slogan anywhere so there might need to be different labels to guide the user so that the three lines show up in an expected place on the pop-up.