How to change the favicon and <title>?

In HTML, to change the little icon in the tab of the web browser, just add this to your page header:

<link rel="icon" href="">

However, when I add this to any of the “site header” fields, it does not work. Why not? I have three units to keep up with using TroopTrack. Having different icons for each tab would make it a lot easier and would help personalize our unit website to be our own brand.

In addition, I would like to change the title text to <title>Troop name</title>. How do I do this?

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Are you talking about on the website pages hosted by TroopTrack or in Settings - Troop Info, First, Second and Third line of the site header, or perhaps something else I am unfamiliar with?

I am only aware of, and talking about, the first, second, and third lines of the header in settings. Are these lines inserted into the header of the extranet webpage? If not, what do they do and how can I manage the header of the public website?

  • Nick

Unfortunately I could not find what those three fields do either. I have changed the information in them but could not see that on any of my pages or anywhere in TT. They are definitely not affecting the HTML code of the site header. Given that TT is a hosted system there is currently no way to directly edit the header of the Public website. We will have to wait to hear from @dave, @KelsieC or @Spencer for an answer to what those three fields actually do, if anything anymore. Perhaps if enough other TroopTrack users support this Idea it could be implemented, however given the limited resources of TT staff I am sure it would take time.

I finally found what those three header lines are for. There is an option in Manage - Settings - Edit Settings - Webmaster Tools for a slimmer version of the 5 ‘Badges’, if you have it set to No then those three Header lines show up.