FIXED: Can't edit pre-TT4 leadership items

For leadership roles created before TT4, the edit/delete link is not present. I added a new one, and it is there. See Felix Peiler in T58…help!

Hey Aaron,

You are correct. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Our tech team has added this to their todo list. I will keep you updated.


Is there an update on this item?

Hi Aaron, sent this over to the tech team again. They said this seems to only be happening on Felix’s profile. Are you seeing this else where? When they were testing and clicking through a handful of other profiles, they all seem to have the edit/delete button.

I agree, I only see it on this individual.

Thank you for the additional information. This helps. Our team is looking at it and trying to diagnose why this is happening to Felix. Thanks for your patience.


The positions that can’t be edited are youth leadership positions on the record of someone who has since become an adult. There’s no reason these shouldn’t be editable, so I’m pushing a fix tonight for this.