Changing leader roles

Since the new year has begun, I need to change the roles of our leaders, As TM I used to be able to edit in leadership for adults like I did for kids, and now that option is gone. I know it is simple but I searched for hours and can’t find it. The edit button is gone from the leadership tab in my adults.

If you go to Manage > About Your Troop, then select the Leadership tab for your troop, you should be able to edit leadership positions and enter end dates. You can even completely delete leadership positions from there, if you would like.

Thanks Kelsie, I knew it would be something simple. I can’t believe I missed that. Thanks again for your help

We have the correct leadership positions on this page, but when we go to the Unit level and view girls/leaders, all the leaders/adults seem to have the first position listed in their profile, NOT the current one. Can we change this? I didn’t see a way to edit it on that page.

I’m not sure specifically about your situation, but typically this happens when no end date is listed or the end date still has not passed. For example, many troops change leadership and re-register girls at the end of September, so old leaderships wouldn’t expire until September 30 and the next one usually starts on October 1. However, if the first one is listed as ending on September 30 and the second starts before then, it still lists the first position before the old one, but will shift to the other one once it expires.

EDIT: Apparently there is a bug in the code involving the above. If a leader is in position A expiring today, and I also add in his or her new leadership position B effective tomorrow, and just wait for one to expire and the other to take effect, it doesn’t update on the Manage > Units page. To fix this, go to the user’s profile and then to their leadership tab. Change the date on the new/current leadership position to another date (doesn’t matter what it is), hit save, change the date back, then hit save again. When you return to the Manage > Units page, it should update. We aren’t sure why the system isn’t recognizing future leadership positions when they become current and only recognizing leadership added in after the start date has already passed.