Cub Scout 2016

Good Afternoon! : )
We are currently inputting awards for our January Pack Meeting and noticed that when we use the 2016 requirements they are not showing up in the TurboNet Advancement Report. We have several boys that are earning belt loops under the 2016 program. Do I need to manually put them into ScoutNet or will they go over from TroopTrack, just not showing up in the TurboNet Advancement section?
Thank you!

It may require manual entry for now. We are aware of this problem and are trying to find a solution.

Thank you.

IS this still an open issue?

Yes, we are still having this issue. Some of the 2016 stuff is transferring, but not all of it. Oh, the joys of technology and an always changing program! : )

FUrther more we have Dens who are entering both 2015 and 2016 requirments. Troop Track doesnt show thep progress for 2016. Just the adventures. No over all percentage in achievements… It just will show 2015 and the 2016 requirments dont update the percentage… Its pretty messed up right now.

Right now the adventures do not automatically apply to the 2016 ranks. For now, you just need to edit the 2016 rank, mark the adventure complete, and you’re done. We thought it would be better to make the 2016 requirements available in this form rather than making everyone wait for us to add the auto populate for the ranks.

Thank you for your patience while we work on this.


The 2016 requirements become mandatory to use by August 1, 2017. When will TT automatically apply them to the various ranks?



As soon as we can. Thank you.

Is there someway to get the (2016+) adventures to work in the advancement report upload area? The only adventures showing up are those that do not have the (2016+). The rank badges show up, but the adventure loops still do not…
Thank you!!