PENDING: Bulk Acheivement Not Updated to 2016 Ranks

In TT4 the requirements for ranks on the record bulk progress have been reverted to the 2015 versions, not the updated 2016 requirements.

Confirmed for a Scouts BSA Troop, for the Ranks of Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class. The upper Ranks Star, Life Eagle are 2016. For my BSA Cub Pack the correct 2016 Requirements show up.

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Hi @AaronStorey, @KraigRoche,

I’m seeing that both ranks show up when recording bulk progress, but the first one to show up is the 2015, and the updated 2016 award is shown after scrolling down.

I hope this problem was already fixed, let me know if you’re still having this issue.

David Keener

At this point with it being so many years since the change we don’t need the 2015 requirements showing up at all.

Hi @AaronStorey,

Ya we recently talked about inactivating most of those. I’ll go ahead and inactivate those, since everything should be moved over by now.


David Keener