FIXED: Junior Girl Scout Missing Badge Requirements

As I was looking through some badges for my girls, there are a few Junior badges that are missing requirements. Is there a way to have these updated? Below are the ones I found that are blank on Troop Track that I have requirements for to hopefully help:


  1. Start planning your adventure
  2. Gain a new camping skill
  3. Find your inner camp chef
  4. Try a new activity
  5. Head out on your trip — and have some nighttime fun!

Digital Photographer:

  1. Learn about digital cameras from an expert
  2. Take tons of photographs!
  3. Edit three photos
  4. Make a digital photo project
  5. Share your photos

Entertainment Technology:

  1. Animate your own artwork
  2. Dig into video game development
  3. Try the science of amusement park rides
  4. Create your own special effects
  5. Surf a sound wave


  1. Visit a garden
  2. Explore garden design
  3. Learn how to choose garden plants
  4. Experiment with seeds
  5. Grow your own garden


  1. Prepare for your adventure
  2. Learn to use a GPS receiver
  3. Make a trade item
  4. Go on a geocaching adventure
  5. Take part in a bug’s travels!


  1. Get transportation smart
  2. Make your clothes look great
  3. Break a bad habit
  4. Help around the house
  5. Show off your independence!


  1. Get to know the tools of the trade
  2. Make jewelry with metal
  3. Turn everyday objects into jewelry
  4. Create jewelry inspired by another culture
  5. Make a sparkling gift


  1. Explore how music is made
  2. Travel around the world of music
  3. Check out the music in your life
  4. Make your own music
  5. Perform your music

Product Designer:

  1. Observe what makes a great product
  2. Be an innovation detective
  3. Figure out what’s working and what’s not
  4. Innovate to find solutions
  5. Mess up so you can try again!


  1. Start with a poem
  2. Create a short story
  3. Use words to share who you are
  4. Write an article
  5. Tell the world what you think

Staying Fit:

  1. Start moving!
  2. Keep your fit body fueled
  3. Know how to stress less
  4. Get the truth about health
  5. Help your family stay fit

@melissa, can you please look at/fix these?

Thank you!

@troop40072 I added all the missing requirements. Thank you for giving them to us, that was really helpful. :smiley:

Thanks so much! You are welcome! I figured you might need the requirements in order to add them :laughing: