FIXED: Missing GS Cadette Badges

There are so many Cadette badges missing from the badge list. I have a PDF with all Cadette badges and requirements. Where can this be sent to be fixed?

I provided Kelsey with a word doc to help out this this. She has it near the top of her priority list along with all the other levels. It is getting frustrating that it hasn’t been completed yet. I’m hoping that the beginning of the school year rush is settling down and she’ll be able to work on it soon.

Thank you for your reply. Yes hopefully it will be completed soon. My girls are planning on completing a lot of badges so I want to be sure I can enter them into their record!

@KelsieC is there an update on this? I can’t update my girl’s records because the cadette badges aren’t on the list :frowning:

@KelsieC It would be great to have an update on this. Could you at least tell us how far down on your to do list it is?

If other Girl Scout users are reading this, could you “like” it so Kelsie can see that it has an impact on others too.

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@troop40072 @gscrawley

We are FINALLY slowing down a bit, so I plan on working on this next week. I really am sorry for the delay. We have been crazy busy in August, September, and most of October, so I haven’t had a chance to sit down and add new badges or clean up the ones we do have, but I have this near the top of the priority list.

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Can you send me the pdf with the cadette badges if you haven’t already?

Also as a heads up to both of you (@gscrawley and @troop40072), I have been working on this today and I have the Daisy badges all entered and reorganized. I plan on working on the rest of them tomorrow. I probably won’t get through all of them (Brownie, Junior, and possibly Cadette), but I will be sitting down each day to work on a few more at a time, since I am more caught up now. :slight_smile: Yay progress!

I’m not sure exactly what you are looking for. New Cadette badges are in the docs I sent Sept 7. Some of those themes don’t have badges yet for older girls. Old ones are in the message from last May with the suggestions on organization.

One question on the Daisy list. Could they either be in alpha order or grouped by theme? If grouped by theme, all the petals would be together, the robotics would be together, the design challenge ones would be together.

Thanks for getting started on this.


UPDATE: The documentation I have from GSUSA calls them “Learning Petals”, so I have labeled them all as such, followed by the name of the petal, so they will be grouped together. :slight_smile:

Right now, regardless of the “type” of award, they are sorted alphabetically. So the petals won’t be grouped together, but will be intermingled with the other awards and journeys wherever they fall alphabetically. I could add something like “Daisy” or “Petals” to the beginning of the name (so “Petal - Zinnia” or something similar) and then it would group them together. Would something like that work?

I found more documents from you, from the website, and from one or two other people that are a big help in visualizing everything and adding the new awards and their requirements, so I think I should be good on that front. If I have specific questions, I will let you know.

Where can I send the PDF?

@troop40072 Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. You can send it to :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your work on this. When I choose “start an achievement” from a girl’s record, this is what I see. It isn’t alphabetical. When I looked a couple of days ago the petals were there, but they seem to have gone away. Also, I don’t see Buddy Camper.

The alphabetical thing is something we noticed too and something we are fixing. That should be cleared up in the next week or so, since it’s an easy fix in the code. Buddy Camper and the petals should all be there, unless they have already been added to a girl’s records, in which case they won’t show up on the “start an achievement” list for that particular girl. If you let me know which girls it isn’t showing up for, I can take a look into things.

@KelsieC There are some new badges to add. Think Like an Engineer and Think Like a Programmer now have Cadette, Senior and Ambassador level awards. Also, the Robotics badges are at all levels. Each level has Designing Robots, Programming Robots and Showcasing Robots. There is a new Ambassador badge called College Knowledge.

There is a new LiA Award for Cadettes. It should be set up so that it can be earned more than once.

It looks like maybe the membership stars aren’t set up so that they can be added more than once. It isn’t on my drop down list for girls in their second year at a level.

Oops. The Robots badges you already have for Daisies are correct. The names are different for that level than for the rest of the levels.

Can you email me the links to all of the requirements for these badges? Thanks in advance! :slight_smile: The email address is, if you need it.