INFO NEEDED: A bunch of new GSUSA badges

The new badges & requirements for GSUSA come out this week for Outdoors & STEM. Here are the names. Requirements being released later this week.

Thank you! Please also post here when the requirements are released and we’ll get them up ASAP.

Daisy Buddy Camper

  1. Help plan a camping trip 2. Help pack for your trip 3. Go camping

Brownie Cabin Camper

  1. Help plan your camping trip 2. Learn about camping gear 3. Prepare a camp meal
  2. Learn a new camping skill 5. Go camping

Junior Eco-Camper
1 . Learn the Leave No Trace Seven Principles 2. Plan meals with the environment in mind 3. Prepare a minimal impact campsite
4. Have fun with Leave No Trace
5. Take a conservation hike

Cadette Primitive Camper

  1. Plan a primitive camping trip
  2. Prepare your gear
  3. Make a camp meal
  4. Learn a new primitive camping skill 5. Go camping

Thank you. I will do these this afternoon.

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I’ve added all these awards.

Thank you.

The camper badges have actually been combined with existing badges and a new Take Action Project (TAP) requirement for an Outdoor Journey. Then the following STEM items for D/B/J are journeys - Think Like an Engineer, Think Like a Programmer and Think Like a Citizen Scientist. Each of these journey options count towards the summit. Girls can choose any three to receive that award. Based on the way items are split in the troop track, the summit is only calculating on the older journeys.

Daisy Outdoor Journey:

  1. Buddy Camper
  2. Outdoor Art Maker
  3. TAP

Brownie Outdoor Journey

  1. First Aid
  2. Hiker
  3. Cabin Camper
  4. TAP

Junior Outdoor Journey

  1. Camper
  2. Animal Habitats
  3. Eco Camper
  4. TAP

Cadette Outdoor Journey

  1. Night Owl
  2. Trailblazing
  3. Primitive Camper
  4. TAP

Senior Outdoor Journey

  1. Sky
  2. First Aid
  3. Adventure Camper
  4. TAP

Ambassador Outdoor Journey

  1. Outdoor Art Master
  2. Water
  3. Survival Camper
  4. TAP

Each of the STEM Journey consist of the _Think Like A… Badge and a TAP for the Daisy/Brownie/Junior Levels. Can the awards be updated and TAP awards be added in conjunction to each of the 4 new journeys?

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Is this something that is being looked at? I’ve also noticed that the Daisy Outdoor Art Marker is missing (requirements below)

Daisy Outdoor Art Maker

  1. See the colors of nature
  2. Hear the sounds of nature
  3. Share your outdoor art

Thank you!

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I apologize for taking so long to address this. Could you email me at with more information regarding these changes? I’m not terribly familiar with the existing GS achievements. If you could also email me a link where I can take a look at this stuff, it would be great! Thank you! :slight_smile:

From the GSUSA website:

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For consolidation and clean-up purposes, should I combine all Membership and Bridging Awards under one category? What about Leadership Journey and Mentoring Awards? I don’t want to start shuffling things around until I’m certain of what would be most helpful!

My preference would be 3 categories: Badges; other GSUSA awards (journeys, LiA awards; cookie activity pin; World Thinking Day; service awards, etc); non GSUSA awards (council specific).

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Changed my mind. Since some of the Journeys are now badges, combine Journeys with badges.

Okay. It will take some time to get this all cleaned up, simply because we need to make sure that the clean-up doesn’t cause more problems (like breaking achievements pages of those using the current awards, etc. Give me some time to look through the awards and go over all of the information you’ve given me, and then I will send you an outline of how I would like to structure/organize the badges, and you can let me know if it makes sense. Let me know if that works! :slight_smile:

That sounds fine. I’m happy to help if there is anything I can do.

I apologize for the delay in this. I am going to be sitting down tonight and over the next few days to restructure the order (just on paper). Can you email me at so that I have your email address, and I will send you an outline of how I intend to structure everything? Thanks!

Hello. There are quite a few new STEM badges from GS that are not listed in TroopTrack. Could you give an estimated timeline on getting those added?
To find them you can use the link posted above – to find a few examples look for “Space Science Adventurer” and “Cybersecurity”
There are about 30 new badges as of July 2018.
Thanks for the estimate.


Yes, and there are old ones that are still not in the right sections. For instance, under Cadettes, there is a Senior badge listed. :thinking: I wish someone at TT would correct these…I know the system was created for BSA but if you are going to do GSUSA too, you should keep the badge info current and correct.

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Kelsie - are you guys at TT going to get to this anytime soon? It’s been 2+ YEARS and we are still missing all the new STEM badges and journeys. Please add these ASAP. We are creating custom awards to track it because if we wait for TT to catch up, the girls will have already moved to the next age level. YIKES!

@karengottlieb Which ones are you not seeing? I know a bunch were added this summer.

Hi @karengottlieb, which are you not seeing? TroopTrack support is happy to add any that you need. Just let us know.