FIXED: Link missing to navigate from Dashboard to Webpage view

Prior to TT4, users could click on the troop name on the left-hand side of the top navigation bar to navigate from /dashboard to the main Webpage. The troop name is now linked to /info, and there is not another link to the main Webpage, so users need to know to manually change the URL to get to the main Webpage. If this is not a bug, please add a link back to the main Webpage from /dashboard.

I am going to add the links to the info popup, like this:

What do you think?


That will work if the site has information in the header. If an admin has deleted the default text in the header lines and has left it blank, the “i” information icon does not show. From what I can tell if the “i” icon is present, then the popup triggers off of the groups name or the icon. If the icon is not present, there is not a way to access the popup.

An alternate suggestion would be to use the groups/site name to toggle between the Webpage and Dashboard views. That would match how users previously switched from the Dashboard. It also looks like the Webpage view is already trying to do this as hoovering over the group name shows /dashboard.

End of the day, the users can be trained how to switch, so I am happy with a link anywhere.



Thanks. I’m changing this back to pending so I can figure out how to make this better.

It looks like you may run into a similar issue with the calendar view since the left-hand navigation goes away to make room for the calendar. I suggest making the group name (Troop3547) just be a link back to the Webpage view for all pages.

  • On a separate note, thank you for all the work you and your team are doing to make a great site. We are happy with the overall site and functionality and appreciate you taking suggestions and requests.


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Thanks for the kind words @WadeLitke1!

Okay, so here’s what I did.

  1. The TroopTrack logo links to your dashboard.
  2. If you have a public web site, the troop name/number links to it.
  3. If you have troop info set up, the info icon appears and links to it.

Going love soon.

Thanks everyone!


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