FIXED: Mobile + Photos/Albums

Using a Pixel3 w/ Chrome/Edge as the browser. The 3-column layout for albums there means that my text is arranged into a really long column of no more than 5 characters per line. It’s correct but looks off. The “View” button then isn’t centered.

The blue text for “Upload Photos” still shows behind the album name and dropdown arrow in portrait mode.

Tapping a photo should take me to the full photo view and there should be some sort of “back” if I click on “Details”.

The drop-down arrow is off to the far right if I switch to List View in portrait mode. I wouldn’t have known to look there if I wasn’t playing around with the site.

I realize that not all of this is going to be changed prior to the release, but some things to consider for the backlog.

Ideally, there should be some sort of “gallery” view for mobile where instead of either a slideshow or a crazy-long list view for larger albums, it takes the “small” (or medium for higher res) pics and displays those in 3-columns. Tapping/clicking those will go to the picture details or larger view.

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