Photo albums...just need one more major improvement

Regarding the Photo albums, you all have made nice improvements lately with the “List” view, and the ability to edit the photos with titles, comments, etc. However, I feel that you are leaving out one super important feature. Consider the following.

  1. Many parents want to see lots of pictures of their scouts in action, but they do not necessarily wish to download them in order to view them in large format.

  2. Your list view does allow a parent or scout to see a large summary of all the picture, but only in small tile form.

  3. You already have a download option from the menu to the right of the pictures.

  4. When you click on the smaller picture in list view, the assumption is that that particular picture will “pop up” in large form so the person viewing can get a good look at it…THEN they would choose to download if they wished.

  5. However…that is not the case with Troop Track. It just gives you the same download option that already exists with the options to the right.

  6. In fact the only way to view a picture in a larger format is via the initial slide show page, which only allows viewing the photos one at a time, with no hint at what the next picture is.

  7. I invite you to view and scroll through a photo album on Google Photos (just create one for experimentation purposes if necessary). Most importantly, scroll through the album as if you were the parent or scout wanting to view the scout’s adventures. You will see the entire photo album in a very user-friendly layout, giving parents the option to select the particular photos that are most important to them. When you click on a photo it immediately pops up in a much larger format and also has edit and download features available as well. This entire concept is very simple and intuitive.

  8. My ultimate point to all this? Keep the options menu in the list view the same. Keep the initial slide show format the same. But in the List View, when you click on the smaller thumbnail pic, the result should be that the picture pops up in a larger format, NOT just a download option–which already exists. Make this one change and your photo albums layout will be ideal.


a Bulk upload would be nice, too - anything to encourage easy contributions

I agree with all of this! Will continue using Shutterfly until this is brought up to speed. Great ideas! :slight_smile: