FEATURE REQUEST: Mobile "Gallery" view in Photos

When using a mobile device, it would be really convenient to show the pictures in an album as a tiled set of pictures rather than seeing either “list” or “slideshow” type modes. List is too long for mobile use for albums with lots of pictures. Slideshows on a phone don’t make as much sense when you just want to see what’s there or maybe look for a couple of pictures of your group/kid.

I didn’t quite make it tiled, but I did make it easier on mobile so that it’s no longer a slideshow.

So - just a “List View” for the album? I don’t see a slideshow now, but I don’t see a better way to view the pics. It seems like it’s just showing a List View and if I click “List View” in the menu, it still shows a list view? New login to the non-test site so this should be seeing that new view unless it’s not released yet.

Yeah, just a list view for now. Later this week I will probably make a tiled view.

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Hi y’all,

After many moons this feature has been added to TroopTrack. If you click “share”, “photo albums”, and then click into an album you can choose “slideshow”, “gallery view” and “list view”.

Gallery view is the tile view that was requested!


David Keener