FIXED: Money accounts transactions

Is / can there be a way to set the preference so that when one opens the money transactions on an individual account it always filters from most current date at top. old TT showed most recent transaction at top/ first. New TT have to select the date reorder arrows every time I open an account. ( most recent is more important to see especially on members that have been in unit for years)


Added it to the to-do list

It seems the total calculation is based on the original sort order and if you change then the calculations are off. For the money accounts it doesn’t make sense to me to change the sort order to anything other than newest transaction first like the old system had.
For instance the following screenshots, I have several transactions that were all on the 19th, however the sort is different from how they were entered and the totals do not add up as you go down the list until the end, its just confusing to try and look back at transactions. The second shot is the current system with the default sort of newest at the top and in the order they were entered the numbers all match and make sense.

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Seems like we should just remove the sortable table from this view. I’ll do that tonight.

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