PARTIALLY FIXED: Money Accounts Quick Switch

Quick Switch - The list is static and you can’t see or scroll through the entire list. I use a 13" laptop. This probably impacts other dropdowns throughout the site.

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Adding to the to-do list.

Is this fixed or is the label to just identify it is on the TDL? I ask as I still see the issue on /manage/money_book when trying to switch accounts

It’s fixed when you are looking at transactions for a specific money account. I didn’t realize we were having the same problem on the money book page. I’ll add that to my todo list as well and change the label on this thread to partially fixed.

This happens on all pages that have a sub dropdown. This happens when on the Manage - Members nav as well. I think this issue is across the board.

@watarzp655 What theme are you using?

@watarzp655 This one’s a little tough, because it can vary a lot by theme and the size of your screen. I made some changes that will make the submenus scrollable when they are close to the bottom of the page, and I also updated the dropdown menu for money account switchers so it will be scrollable as well. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

I am using the default theme and it is still happening. I use my laptop most often and this will make things tougher to navigate.

Maybe instead of the lists cascading down, it can float up when the screen is small.