FIXED: Quick Switch in Money Accounts

This wasn’t in the old program but I thought how nice it would be every time I am doing money transactions: to be able to use/ have added as an option, the “quick switch” among members money account versus having to go back to “all accounts” every time to do next member transaction.

Quck Nav has a Money option on the old and new sites, not exactly the same as having it on the actual page, which would be nice.

I like this idea, and I was frustrated with menu problems. So what do you think of this?


Is there a way to do a split transaction? For example, I am entering a reimbursement check into TT and it is for multiple categories. I would like to specify the amount of each, not just tag a category.

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I use the Payable box as a memo line all the time. can type (tickets$25, trip$30) for example.
Hope this helps.

You could enter multiple transactions, this option has the downside of not matching the actual amount of the check, in this case also using the notes field would be helpful for anyone looking afterward. It’s not as clean as a true single transaction with a split on category tags, that would make the financial tracking ability of TT much more accurate.